Fortress (suit)

Functional textile set "FORTRESS" is made of high-strength "Cordura" nylon fabric, resistant to tearing and wearing. Numerous ventilated zippers and valves are in charge for absolute expulsion, and a membrane of 10000x10000 mm will keep you dry, with a top notch level of comfort even under intense rain for a long time. Removable warm lining material allows to use the kit even in sub-zero temperatures and the built-in CE-certified protection enforces the reliability as an impregnable fortress, obviously that's why there was no doubt to bring that name up. Please welcome OSA "FORTRESS".

Height cm165-180160-180170-185170-190175-195180-195185-195
Weight kg55-6560-7575-8580-9090-10095-105100-115
Sleeve length cm61636567697172
Chest cm85-9595-104100-110105-118110-120115-125125-130
Hips cm88-9292-9897-105102-110108-115110-117114-120
Waist cm80-8582-8785-8988-9492-10098-110108-118
Leg length cm100103105107109111113