<p>- Thanks to the unique seamless knitting technology balaclava does not press or rub the face </p><p>- Special soft mesh panels in ears and mouth areas allows to breathe, talk and hear easely </p><p>- We use fabric with modern fibers which easily remove moisture, dries quickly and doesn't accumulate bad smells. </p><p>- A fairly loose and long collar provides comfortable movement, and gently wraps around the neck </p><p>- Elastic material allows you to use a balaclava for different sizes Compound: 60% polyamide, 31% polyester, 9% elastane</p>

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Balaclava OSA NEW

Balaclava is the way to observe the hygiene. And the best way to do it is to wear a high-tech knitted OSA balaclava, which allows to stay dry and cool in the hot weather, and worm in the cold.