<p>- Kevlar lining at hips, thigh and knees areas </p><p>- CE-certified adjustable plastic knee and shin protectors </p><p>- strong denim</p>

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  • 7,990p
  • 3,990p

These kevlar jeans have a hard plastic protectors of shin and knee and very strong not stretchable denim. It subtly hints at your motorcycle style but same time allows you to feel comfortable even in your ordinary life.

Height cm165-180160-180170-185170-190175-190180-195180-195185-200
Weight kg55-6560-7575-8580-9090-10095-105100-115100-120
Hips cm90-9492-9696-102102-108108-112110-114114-118116-118
Waist cm84-9090-9492-9696-100100-106106-110108-112110-115
Leg length cm90929496100103106110