<p>- 500D Cordura nylon material </p><p>- removable membrane 10000x10000 mm</p><p>- CE-certified elbows and shoulders protectors </p><p>- back protector pocket</p><p>- removable warm inside lining</p><p>- adjustable waist and sleeves </p><p>- reinforced poliester threads </p><p>- reflective elements </p><p>- ventilation</p>

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OSA Jacket TrueMan

  • 11,990.00₽
  • 10,190.00₽

Brand new textile jacket TrueMan created for absolutely any weather and road conditions, from deep frozen cold to desert heat.

This touring jacket has 3 layers: the top is 500D Cordura brand nylon, the middle is a removable polyester warm lining, the bottom is a removable membrane lining 10000x10000.

An adjustable collar button ensures it fits snugly to the neck of any length and volume. Special fastening on the collar will securely fix the collar strap unbuttoned in the heat and it will not flutter in the wind when moving.

A large number of ventilation zippers, valves and even entire panels will provide the ease and complete ventilation of the jacket in heat. Reflective elements help you stay visible in the dark, and you can remove a warm or membrane lining in a large back pocket.

Certified protective inserts made from innovative viscoelastic material to ensure top-level security.

The OSA TrueMan Tour Jacket will turn your idea of ​​equipment for long-distance travel and city trips.

Рост см165-180160-180170-185170-190175-195180-195185-195
Вес кг55-6560-6575-8580-9090-10095-105100-115
Длина рукава см65666768697071
Обхват Груди см90-10193-10398-106104-110108-114110-116112-119
Обхват пояса см90-10295-10598-108102-112105-115108-118110-120