<p>Cool Wave is made on a modern equipment using high quality nylon. We used a unique technology of seamless knitting, while developing a high tech thermal underwear OSA. The structure of the material allows you to remove moisture on the surface, which helps the skin to stay dry and clean. We used a special method of knitting in problem areas, which provides excellent ventilation. We used the technology of special knitting and ventilation system. Excess moisture is going out to the surface of the fabric with the help of special channels and evaporates. In some areas the density of the fabric is increased, which alows to regulate body temperature correctly without giving more moisture then you need. </p><p>OSA Cool Wave tightly fits the shape due to the elasticity of the material. Does not create static electricity. br The design of underwear emphasises the figure. </p><p><br></p>

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Cool Wave (suit)

  • 5,980.00₽
  • 5,090.00₽

The best way to control your body temperature is to wear a high-tech knitted underwear COOL WAVE, which allows to stay dry and cool in the hot weather, and worm in the cold.

Height cm155-180170-185170-190175-195180-195
Weight kg45-6555-7575-8580-9090-115